Christina Maria Aguilera(* 18 December 1980, Staten Island, New York) is an American pop singer.

She signed a contract with RCA Records after recording a songReflectionfor the movieMulan. Her debut albumChristina Aguilera(1999) was a success for both the public and the critics, and in 2000 this album won the Grammy Award for Best Newcomer. Soon she released a Latin-pop albumMi Reflejo, for which she won 2001 Latin Grammy for best pop album as well as Christmas albumMy Kind of Christmasand both of these albums sold well.

2002 released her second studio albumStripped, on which she was very creative. The criticisms were different and Christina received another Grammy Award for him, but her apparently sexual image during the promotion of this album became the subject of strong criticism and ridicule. Her third studio albumBack to Basics(2006) contains soul elements, jazzua blues. She was well sold and received good criticism and provided Aguilera with two Grammy nominations.


Childhood and Career Beginnings

Aguilera was born in Staten Island, New York, her fatherFausto Wagner Xavier Aguilera, Sergeant of the US Army and his motherShelly Loraine Fidler. Aguiler's father is of Latin origin, was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, while her mother is Canadian with German, English, Irish, and Danish ancestors. Christine's parents met when her father served onEarnest Harmon Air Force Base(Airbase) in Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada.

Her parents married her mother 20 for years and her father 31. Aguilera and her parents lived in their 6 or 7 years. When her parents divorced, her mother took her and her sister Rachel to their grandmother's home in Rochester, Pennsylvania, a working suburb of Pittsburgh. According to Aguilera and her mother, Father Fausto was a guy who was both physically and emotionally harsh, reflected in her songs "I'm OK" and "Oh Mother." Mother Shelly then took a health care professionalJim Kearnsand changed her name to Shelly Kearns.

At fourteen Christina recorded her first singleAll I Wanna Do, a duet with Japanese singer Keiz Nakashim.

The first to know Christin's voice potential was her grandmother. Christina longed to be a singer. As a child she performed at various events and participated in young talent competitions, where she was often the winner. She soon attracted media attention and was known aslittle girl with a big voice.

According to the showDrivenVH1 has been exacerbated by this sticker. When the contestants learned that they would go against her, they immediately backed away because they simply did not have a chance against her. Her contemporaries soon became jealous of her, and she became the subject of ridicule and even at one hour of gymnastics they tried to attack her. Also, for example, someone has pierced the tires of their family car. The family had even moved for this, and Christinin's command of her talent was silent to prevent another possible attack.

15. March 1990 appeared in the competitionStar Searchwith a songA Sunday Kind of Loveby Etty James, but she did not win. Soon after she lost in this contest she appeared on KDKA-TV on the showWake Up with Larry Richertand came out with the same song. People noted that "the ten-year-old sounds like a 20-year-old."

During her childhood in Pittsburgh she sang the Star-Spangled Banner before the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball). Her first significant role came when she got to the show "The New Mickey Mouse Club". Other performers at the show were Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, JC Chavez, Rhona Bennett (who later became En Vogue), Ryan Gosling and Keri Russell. According to the documentDrivenher colleagues called her diva.

One of their most memorable performances was, for example, when she sangI Have Nothingby Whitney Houston. When the 1994 show ended, Christina began recording various demos, hoping to sign a record deal with a recording company.

1997 represented the United States at an international festivalGolden Starwith two songs - one by Sheryl Crow and the other by Diana Ross.

1998-2001: Beginning

In1998in the bathroom she sang Run To You by Whitney Houston and recorded it on a tape. The E3 hit flawlessly on this record. She was then selected to sing the Reflection song for Disney's 'Mulan'(1998). By recording this song, she got a record deal with RCA Records, all within one week.Reflection went to top 20 on the Billboard chart and was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Original Song. Christina Aguilera's debut album was released in 24. August 1999. Billboard 200 has reached the top of the Billboard 8 charts, as well as Canadian charts with 14 sales of millions of units in the US at XNUMX million units around the world.

Her singles Genie in a Bottle, What a Girl Wants and Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You) were first in Billboard Hot 100 during the 1999 and 2000 and the I Turn to You single on the third. Aguilera won the Grammy Award for Best Newcomer and Best Female Singing Performance (for the song Genie In A Bottle). According to the authors who participated in this album and appeared in the documentDrivenshe wanted Christina to show the extent and nobility of her voice during the album promotion, so her song sang for acoustic accompaniment and she was accompanied by a piano in the TV show. She finished the year in the showLarge New Year's Specialon MTV and so was the first performer of this millennium on MTV.

Later in 2000, Christina for the first time had her Latin American background and was following 12's trend of lation-pop. September 2000's first Spanish album, Mi Reflejo. This album contained Spanish versions of the songs from her debut.

Occupied by 27. Billboard 200 and 1. in the Latino charts. Thanks to this album, Christina won the Latino Grammy Award at 2001 for Best Female Pop Album. Overall, this album sold 2,1 millions of pieces all over the world and won a gold plaque and three platinums in the US. She also won the prizeWorld Music Awardas the best-selling Latin artist. Singles Falsas Esperanzas from this album went to top 40 in Argentina.

Christina also released the Christmas CD 24. October 2000, which was named My Kind of Christmas. It reached 28. instead of Billboard 200, 1,3 was sold for millions of pieces and a platinum record in the US. Ricky Martin asked Christina to record the duet Nobody Wants to Be Lonely from his albumSound Loaded. The single was released in 2001 as the second single from this album. In the UK and Germany, he got to TOP 5, the US to TOP 20 and to Switzerland, Canada and Australia to TOP 40.

In 2001, Christina, together with Lil 'Kim, Myou and P! Nk, was chosen to re-create the hit Patti LaBelle from 1975 Lady Marmalade for the soundtrack for the film Moulin Rouge! Lady Marmalade has been on the top of the charts for five weeks, and in the next 11 countries she has also reached the top of the charts, and she has earned Grammy for best pop vocal collaboration.

That year, the album was released to storesJust Be Free, one of the demo recordings Christina recorded when she was about 15 for years. When it was discovered by her recording company, RCA Records, she officially recommended fans not to buy this single, and in Germany it was completely withdrawn.

A few months later, she wanted a recording companyWarlock Recordsrelease Just Be Free, an album that included another demo recording. Chrstina filed a lawsuit against the company for a breach of contract and against the producers of this album to prevent the release of the album. Finally, both sides agreed to release this album. Aguilera gave her name, form and image to unspecified damage. Many details of the lawsuit have remained confidential. The album was released in 2001 and was featured by Christina's 15-year-old.

Although Christina's debut album was very successful, she was not happy with the music and the image she created for her. At that time, Christinin's musical style was considered bubblegum pop, a very popular style at that time. However, Christina publicly reminded her that she wanted her next album to be deeper, both musical and lyrical. The influence of Steve Kurtz (her manager) was too big for her, taking care of all her steps beyond the limits of the treaty.

In October 2000 filed a lawsuit against Kurtz for inappropriate, inappropriate and disproportionate influence on her professional activities and also for fraud. According to legal documents, he did not care about his rights and interests, and instead did what was useful to him. This action was brought when Christina found out that she was taking more of her income than he was allowed to, and that he was paid by other assistants to help him. She also askedCalifornia State Labor Commissionthat the contract be canceled. After giving Kurz a testimony, she hired Irving Azoff as the new manager. This change of management was a great change, especially in the music he continued to do.

Kurtz, in the same month, repaid the lawsuit and sued her for the breach of her contract for which she had judged herself. He said in the lawsuit that people close to Christina tried to disrupt their business relationship and also accused Azoff.

2002-2003: eraStripped 

Christina during the tourStripped

29. October 2002, after a long delay, released the second studio album in English called Stripped.

In the first week, 330 sold him a thousand pieces and ranked second in the Billboard 200 chart. Most of the CDs also featured Christina, who signed an album with BMG on this album. This album has the influence of many styles: r'n'b, gospel, soul, ballad, pop, rock, hip hop and jazz. Most critics did not take this album as well as her debut, and Christin's voice became overlooked as she began to build a sexually provocative image. After the release of the album, she was photographed for magazines likeMaximumRolling Stone a CosmoGirl!. Most of these photos were naked or partially naked. She denied that she wanted to attract this change, according to her, that image was better off than her previous personality. She began to call her alter egoXtinaand it was supposed to be her dark side.

Initially, this image had a negative effect on her career, especially after the release of the Dirrty clip. On MTV, this song became a huge hit, while she did not play in American charts. Still, Dirrty has become a global hit and has come to the top of the list in several countries. The album went to TOP 5 in the UK, USA and Canada. The second single of Beautifulbyl's big hit on radio. The other singles Fighter, Can not Hold Us Down (which sings together with Lil 'Kim) and The Voice Within were released in the next two years, so Christina kept the charts for the time. In album charts (in the US and UK), Stripped was also up until 2004 and in the USA was four times platinum and was in tenth place in the overall annual charts (according to Billboard magazine).

Kelly Clarkson's Miss Independent was written by Christina and was originally preparing her for her album.

Alba Stripped has sold 10 worldwide for millions of pieces worldwide, and has meant a partial loss of popularity in the US, but more popularity in other parts of the world.

In June, Christina joined Justin Timberlake on his American tour. They called this joint tourJustified Stripped Tour(by album names of both artists). In August, part of the lighting in Atlantic City fellBoardwalk Halland thus damaged part of the equipment. Because it happened just before the start of the show, this and several other performances had to be canceled or postponed. In the last quarter of the year, Christina went on tour outside the US, but already on its own. This way, the tour title has been truncated only toStripped. On this tour, Christina presented herself very courageously, especially in his European parts, because America is more conservative in this respect. The tour was very successful and most of the concerts were sold out. Readers of the magazineRolling Stonethis tour marked the best of the year. Christina had colored her hair in black at that time.

For the 2004 year, another tour was scheduled to be made by Chingy. However, the tour was postponed because Christina had problems with the vocal cords shortly before the planned start. But the British tabloid diaryThe Suninformed that the tour was canceled because of low interest and lack of new material. Christina denied it. At the MTV Video Music Awards, she performed with Madonna, Britney Spears and Missy Elliot. During this performance, Madonna's songs Like A Virgin and Hollywood were heard, and Christina kissed her with Madonna, which caused a great scandal.

During 2003, Christina also became the face of the Versace brand.

2004-2005: transition between Stripped and Back To Basics

In January 2004 published a British magazine for menZOOthat Christina may be bisexual. In one interview, she said: "I find it more exciting to look at women than men. Promote, I just like to experiment with my sexuality. If it means girls, let them go. " She also said she likes non-binding sex. "I have non-binding sex and I love non-binding sex. But that does not mean I'm not able to keep my feet together. "

Christina then decided to deploy a much more mature image, for which she was rather praised.

She recorded the Hello song for Mercedes-Benz advertising. Soon afterwards, she began to work on new material and colored her blonde hair, trimming and deploying a picture of Marilyn Monroe. Many fans claim that together with other Hollywood stars (such as Dita Von Teese, Gwen Stefani and Ashley Judd) they bring Hollywood glamor to the twenties, thirties and forties.

Prior to the upcoming US presidential election in 2004, Christina joined a nonprofit campaignDeclare Yourselfand appeared on billboards with a sloganOnly You Can Silence Yourself (Only You Can Silence Yourself). This campaign was meant to attract (not only) young voters to the elections. On these billboards, Christina was drawn with closed and stitched mouths, which were meant to represent a lack of opinion if you did not vote. She appeared in the Oprah Winfrey show to talk about how important it is to vote.

At the end of summer, 2004 released two singles. The first was Car Wash, a remake of Rose Royce's song. Missy Elliott was featured in this song, and this single was recorded for the soundtrack of The Shark Story. The second song was also a duet, this time with rapper Nelly and is called Tilt Ya Head Back. Both singles in the US have fallen commercially, but have been better off in the rest of the world.

After some time, Christina's first DVD came outStripped Live In UK, record from her concert in Great Britain. In December, she launched perfumeXpose, but only purchased in some European countries.

Christina collaborated with jazz artist Herbie Hancock on the remake of Leon Rusel's songA Song For You, which they recorded on Hancock's albumPossibilities. For this song, they received a Grammy nomination for Best Pop singing.

Christina returned to her roots at Disney. She started celebrating the 50th anniversary of DisneylandWhen You Wish On A Star. She also worked with Andrea Bocelli on the songSomos Noviosfor his albumlove, which was released at the beginning of 2006. She performed at a charity ballUnite of the Stars(action against famine) in Johannesburg, South Africa, at the end of 2005 together with stars such as Diana Ross and Westlife, and also in NovemberChildren's FundNelsona Madely.

2006-2008: The era of Back To Basics and the album of the biggest hits

Back to Basics Tour

Back to Basics Tour

In March, 2006 signed a contract with Orange Mobile to represent and promote new Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phones across Europe. Together with Lebanese singer Elipsa and Korean singer Rain, she appeared in a Pepsi beverage advertisement. Spot was broadcast in 2006 during the World Football Championship.

Christina also posed naked for the May issue of the GQ magazine. Marlene Dietrich was inspired by this photograph. There was also an interview with her, where she expressed her disappointment with her colleague, Mariah Carey: "She never went to me for a while ... until we were at the party, and I think she was drunk enough to say really humiliating things. "Mariah replied in the press," She's sad to use my name and pull things out of the past to make herself visible. "

Aguilera then declared, "My intention was not to mourn Mariah with any statement that was taken out of context. I'm very respectful. "Christina, bodyguard, who worked with Madonna for eight years and six years with Jennifer Lopez, said," The others have their performances rather for the show and the show, but this girl (Christina, of course) meant to sing.

Christinino's third studio album in the album Back to Basics was released by 15. August and in thirteen countries came to the first place. The lead singer Is not No Other Man was successful, in the US he got sixth and in the UK in TOP 3. Rolling Stone magazine put it on 18. place in the best song list of 2006. Christina described this twilight as a return to the twenties, thirties and forties, meaning jazz, blues, soul, but with a modern touch.

Among the producers of this album are DJ Premier, Kwamé, Linda Perry and Mark Ronson. One song, "FUSS," was written in response to the tension between Christina and Scott Storch during the recording of the Stripped album. The second single from the albumBack To Basicsis a songHurt. He placed fourth in the world rankings, first in the Billboard's Eurochart Singles Sales chart, and on the nineteenth place in the Billboard Chart.

In addition to promoting her album, Christina and P. Diddy collaborated on the Tell Me song, which can be found on the Press Play album. The single was released in autumn 2006. He settled on the twenty-gram of the British charts, and then went up to eighth for the next week.

2006 announced in SeptemberBaby Jane(as Christina also sometimes says) her Back To Basics tour, with 18 concerts in Europe, with 17 first playing. November and the last 17. December in Prague. Contrary to their original plans, they only organize a tour of the small clubs of 20. February in Houston and conceived by 5. May in Florida.

But he insists he will still organize the tour of the clubs.

Within five months, the album Back to Basics 3,3 sold millions of pieces, of which 1,3 million in the United States.

The third single from this album is Candyman. 25 was filmed. January and was released on TV screens during February 2007.

At the end of September, 2008 hit the single Czech radio stationsKeeps Gettin 'Better, which preceded the album of the same name that was released by 7. November 2008. This is the selection of the best songs from 1999 to 2008. You will find singles likeGenie In A Bottle, What A Girl Wants, I Turn To YouorFighter, Beautifulor laterIs not No Other Man, Candyman. News are then represented by singlesGenie 2.0, Keeps Gettin 'Better, Dynamite.

2010 - Present: Bionic album, Varieté movie and jury in The Voice contest

Bionic's sixth studio album was released by 8. June 2010. Aguilera collaborated with Linda Perry, English singer MIA or American rapper Nicki Minaj. AlbumBionic, on which the singer departed from pop to electronics and dance music, received a mixed reception from the public. Album sales have remained unchanged, debuting first in the third place in the US 110,000 15. Shortly after the release, the singer ended the promotion of the album and canceled the upcoming summer tour. She explained the lack of preparation time as a reason. Album Bionic is the first singer in her career, for which she has not received any Grammy nomination. The singer later said in one of the interviews: "I was really proud of the album. We did well in promotion, but the result affected many other aspects. Nothing stops me, but it's motivation for further work. "2010. November XNUMX received Christina's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In November, 2010 featured a Varieté movie, in which Christina Aguilera portrays the leading role of bourgeois girl Ali Rose, who finds love and success at the Los Angeles Bournemouth club.A soundtrack was also shot for the film and she sang eight songs in total.Alongside Aguilera, Cher and Stanley Tucci, Eric Dane, Kristen Bell and Cam Gigandet appeared in the film.

Together with the soundtrack, Christina Aguilera and the duet made itCastle Wallswith American rapper TI for his recordNo Mercy. 6. February 2011 sang a live anthem in the Super Bowl final. But she had a great deal of criticism for her performance because she forgot the words of the hymn. The incident then apologized to CNN's TV show.

In April, 2011 was joined by Adam Levine, Cee Lo Greene, and Blake Shelton, the jury of The Voice. The competition broadcast on NBC became an instant hit and one of the most watched shows.Aguilera recorded the song Moves Like Jagger with the band Maroon 5 during which she is one of the jurors Adam Levine. Song has climbed to the top US Billboard Hot 100.

In May, 2011 Aguilera announced she was filming a new album that could be released at the turn of the spring and summer of 2012.

9. November 2012 Christina released her 5 studio album, bearing the name "Lotus". Christina in this album describes her experiences and feelings in the last couple of years. Lotus is (as she herself says) as a rebuilding! From the album came a very successful pilot Your Body, which was the first Christinin clip to receive VEVO certification. The other two signgles, Let There Be Love and Just A Fool, were not so successful. Unknown where the promotion of a different album was thrown, so success did not come ...

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