Jennifer Kate Hudson (*12. September 1981 ChicagoIllinoisUSA) is an American singer, actress, holder of a prestigious prizeGrammyGolden GlobeBritish prizesBAFTAOscarfor a supporting film role. In September 2008 married a wrestlerDavid Otungand in August 2009 was born their first son, David Daniel Otunga Jr.

Jennifer was born 12. September 1981 in Chicago, Illinois. From her childhood she was singing her dream. In front of a larger audience, she performed at the age of seven when she sang with the church corps. Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Patty LaBelle and Céline Dion considered the greatest musical designs.

The family tragedy of 24 was strongly affected by Jennifer's life. Oct. 2008, when William Balfour, her sister Julie's husband, murdered three members of her family (mother, brother and nephew) in their hometown in Chicago.

In September 2008 engaged with professional wrestler David Otunga, and in August of the following year, Jennifer bore a son named David Daniel Otunga jr.

The public became aware of 2004 as a finalist of the third series of the US Singing CompetitionAmerican Idol. Despite being considered a hot favorite for the victory, she finished seventh.

In November, 2006 signed a contract with Arista Records. 23. February 2007 announced that it had just completed the first track from the upcoming debut album.

The first single "Spotlight" was released by 10. June 2008. He took her place in the Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 as a #24 single and got into the Top 20 British and Turkish charts. The second single, "If This Is not Love," brought her #63 on Billboard Hot 100 and #37 at the UK Singles Chart UK chart. Originally, the second single was "My Heart," but the brutal murder of her family members did not happen. As the third single released "Pocketbook", but it was also canceled. He did not succeed in the fans or in professional criticism. The third single eventually became the song "Giving Myself" (sometimes also "Giving Myself To You").

30. September 2008 was released her debut album titledJennifer Hudson. In the world, he has received positive feedback. Only 2009 739 was sold in the US by 000 XNUMX copies. This album also gave her three nominations for the prestigious Grammy Award:

  • for Best Female Singing R & B Performance (Single Spotlight)
  • for Best Singing R & B Performance in Duet - with Fantasy Barrino (song "I'm His Only Woman")
  • for the best R & B album

The award was taken for the best R & B album. The album also includes the song "All Dressed in Love" - ​​a soundtrack for the movie Sex in the City.

Jennifer released a new album called "I Remember Me" almost three years later (21, 03, 2011). The album is named after Jennifer realizes what had happened in her life. Songs are meant to correspond with the fate of this singer with a great voice. She has collaborated with Ryan Tedder, an author of the same name, Remember Me. Also included were R. Kelly (Where You At), Alicia Keys (Angel, Everbody Needs Love, Do not Look Down), Swizz Beatz (Everbody Needs Love), Rich Harrison (No One Gonna Love You, I Got This, or a production duo from Norway - Stargate.

7. June 2009 was singing Michael Jackson Jackson's Mass.

10. August 2009 was born to her son David Daniel Otung Jr., whose father is her husband David Otung.


In November 2005, Jennifer was cast in a musical filmmakingDreamgirls. She created the figure of Effie White here. She has appeared alongside stars such as Beyoncé Knowles, Eddie Murphy or Jamie Foxx. For this role, 2007 received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

In December 2007 starred in Sex in Town. She worked as an assistant to Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker). It also appeared in other pictures,The secret bee lifeorWinged creatures. 2012 starred in three episodes of the seriesSmash. 2015 appeared in a musical seriesEmpire.

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