Webhostingis space rental for websites on a foreign server. The server lender is referred to as a web host (webspace).

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With a web host, you can place your site on the Internet without having to have your own server. Prices for web hosting range from a few cents to several thousand CZK per month. There is also a free option, called freehosting. Freehosting usually does not include any warranty on functionality, it has limited technical support. Frequently, site placement is associated with freehosting.

Providers usually offer PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ASP.NET, JSP and other scripting technologies at the webhost. MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL are mainly offered by the databases. Pages on the server are mostly copied using FTP.

Webhosting is the only site location on the provider's site. In order for Internet users to access the site, you need to have a registered domain (eg with a company name). Alternatively, some companies may use the 3 domain for free. order, for example vasejmeno.poskytovatel.cz.

Most of the webhosting services include mailboxes with antispam and antivirus filters, POP3 mail client mail downloading, SMTP mail sending.

Technical support for customers is also a matter of course, so in case of technical problems or queries contact the provider via telephone, email, ICQ, Skype etc. Sometimes technical support is limited to working days, non-stop support for solid companies.

The main drawback of a web host is that one server provider often shares hundreds or even thousands of web hosting customers. So, in the event of a single malfunction or overload, you may be affected or even disabled by everyone else on the same server. The advantage, on the other hand, is the low price - the customer of the web host pays only a fraction of how much it would cost his own server.


Types of hosting

  • Shared web hosting - the basic type of web hosting where the user operates one 2 domain. order.
  • Multihosting - hosting multiple domains. Its popularity has grown especially due to people with few smaller sites or microsites.
  • Virtual Server - A virtualized machine that offers great configurability and greater performance. However, the performance / price ratio is not as good as previous solutions due to overhead. It is especially suited for users with Linux knowledge and for hosting other than web services. Frequently used form of a virtual server is a virtual private server.
  • Managed server - the provider leases a customer's own server, which is also supported by its technical support. One of the most cost-effective solutions.
  • Dedicated server - A sublet server managed by a customer. There is no threat to server instability or overload caused by other customer's applications. An important feature of a dedicated server is its own unique IP address.
  • Serverhousing - The location of your own machine in your provider's telehous.
  • CloudHosting - Nowadays, CloudHosting has also begun to offer customers the ability to save their personal data to their dedicated disk space, high-quality hosting and non-third party access.
  • Other new forms of hosting large applications include CRM, Exchange and other SaaS services.

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