Květa Fialová, by own nameKvětoslava Fialová(1 September 1929 Veľké Dravce - 26 September 2017 Prague) was a Czech actress, favorite theater, film and television diva, wife of Czech director Pavel Hasa.


Květa Fialová was born 1929 in Veľké Dravce in Slovakia. Her mother was the artist and sculptor Květoslava Fialová and her father the Czech legionnaire Vlastimil Fiala. The family lived in Slovakia until 1938, when the nationalists were expelled to Bohemia. She moved to Žďár near Police nad Metují and later to Borohrádek.

At the end of the war, in May 1945, two Red Army soldiers raped her. She was then witnessed by their execution by shooting in front of the regiment. In her memories, she says she has sex since then.

After the war in 1946-1950, she graduated from JAMU in Brno. She worked in several regional theaters, in Český Těšín (1950-1951), Cumben Budejovice (1951-1954), in Kolín (1954-1956) and in Martin in Slovakia (1956- 1957).Since 1958 has been engaged in the Prague ABC Theater, which was run by Jan Werich at the time. After the merger of ABC Theater with Prague City Theaters, 1963 worked from 1990 until XNUMX and in the following years as a regular guest.

The movie has already appeared in 40. years and played a number of characters. As well as later on in TV productions and serials, and in dubbing. Perhaps the most famous role is the character of the bar singerTornado Lou, who sang the song:When smoke thickens in the barin parodyLemonade Joe or Horse opera.

Květa Fialová was married to director Hassa until his death 5. August 2009. In December of 1962, Zuzana's daughter was born.She had her granddaughter Dominica.

She reported to Buddhism.

Květa Fialová From April 2015 lived in the Alzheimer Center in Central Pruhonice.

She died after a long illness of 26. 9. 2017 at the age of 88 years.


Theater roles (selection)

  • 1948 W. Shakespeare:Evening three-crowned or Whatever you want, Viola (alternate Jarmila Lázničková), The Earth Theater in Brno, directed by Milan Pásek
  • 1952 M. Gorkij:Enough for me, Taťána, Regional Theater of České Budějovice, directed by Miroslav Macháček
  • 1954 AV Suchovo-Kobylin:Wedding Krecinsky, Lidočka, Regional Theater of České Budějovice, directed by Karel Hlušička
  • 1956 J. Drda:Play with the devil, Teofil, Cologne Municipal Theater, directed by Zdeněk Míka
  • 1961 C. Gozzi:Three Oranges, Morgana, ABC Theater, directed by Miroslav Horníček
  • 1963 Galina Morozova:Beautiful unknown, Doctor, Comedy Theater, directed by Eva Sadková, 33 repeat
  • 1964 Félicien Marceau:Egg, Charlotte, Comedy Theater, directed by Ota Ornest, 185 repeat
  • 1964 W. Shakespeare:Venetian merchant, Jessika, Komedie Theater, directed by Karel Svoboda, 35 repeats
  • 1964 J. Brandon-Thomas:Charley's aunt, Amy, ABC Theater, directed by Ivan Weiss, 248 repeat
  • 1965 FX Freedom:Chickens, Mina, ABC Theater, directed by Karel Svoboda, 48 repeats
  • 1966 Dario Fo:You can not go and when, not so little, Prostitute, ABC Theater, directed by Ivan Weiss, 50 reprises
  • 1966 Alex Coppel:Count I killed myself !,Renée, ABC Theater, directed by František Miška, 66 repeats
  • 1968 David Ellis:Make me a widow, Vicky, Komedie Theater, directed by Ladislav Vymětal, 37 repeats
  • 1969 George Feydeau:Take care of Amálka !,Irena, Comedy Theater, directed by František Miška, 41 repeats
  • 1970 LN Tolstoj:Anna Karenin, Kněžna Tverská, Komorní divadlo, directed by Jaromír Pleskot, 45 repeats
  • 1970 FF Šamberk, H. Šimáčková:You will never confide your wives, Erna, Comedy Theater, directed by Karel Svoboda, 55 repeats
  • 2010 C. Higgins:Harold and Maude, Maude, Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště, directed by Igor Stránský
  • 2012 Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt:Oscar and pink lady, Pink Lady, Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště, directed by Zoja Mikotová
  • 2013 Bengt Ahlfors:Ashes and brandy, Věra Malmgrenová, Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště, directed by Igor Stránský

Filmography (selection)

  • 1949A great opportunity
  • 1951Pike in the pond- Lída
  • 1952Plavecký mariáš- Bozka
  • 1955Straconic bagpipe- Bělena
  • 1956Golden spider- Irena
  • 1958That Christmas- village girl
  • 1959Dařbuján and Pandrhola- Marjánka Klofátová
  • 1959Princess with golden star- Princess Florindella
  • 1961Florian- Smooth
  • 1961How many words is love enough- Marcel
  • 1963Einstein contra Babinský- Zdenička
  • 1964Lemonade Joe or Horse opera- Tornado Lou
  • 1966Closely watched trains- Countess
  • 1966Murder of ours- Alice
  • 1966You will not miss a woman or a flower- the intellect Dasa
  • 1966The Morrisville Phantom- Clarence
  • 1967End of W4C agent through Mr. Foustka's dog- Alice
  • 1968Spring water- Polozova
  • 1968Detour- Anna Florianová
  • 1968The sinful people of the city of Prague(TV Series) - Ulrych (partLady McBeth from Vinohrady)
  • 1969Star- Vera
  • 1970A part of a beautiful dragoon- Dragic
  • 1970Devil's Honeymoon- editor
  • 1970 FLV (TV Series)
  • 1971grandmother- Princess Zahanska)
  • 1971Straw hat- Anais Beauperthuis
  • 1973The chronicle of the hot summer- Erna
  • 1974The man from London- Sýkorová
  • 1976Major Zeman: Lady with coat of arms- Anna Horakova (Cathreen von Laubringen)
  • 1976Summer with cowboy- Karaska, Bob's mother
  • 1977Adela has not eaten yet- Countess Thun
  • 1977 Mamzelle Nitouche (TV Operetta)
  • 1979Death tailor made- Blum
  • 1982I Enjoy the World with You- Grandma
  • 1983Self-control- Vanska
  • 1985It's not me- designer
  • 1986My sinful man- Zdeněk's mother
  • 1986My daughter's surgery- Bahensk
  • 1987The Snow Queen
  • 1987Strange bride
  • 1987Fish in four
  • 1988Reddish Andule
  • 1988The second breath(TV Series)
  • 1989The kingdom of trees
  • 1990Zvonokosy
  • 1990Butterfly on the antenna
  • 1991Please, your lordship!
  • 1991Soft games
  • 1992Necklace(TV Series)
  • 1992Let the horse be silent!
  • 1993Arabela returns or Rumburak king of fairy tales(TV Series)
  • 1994Too noisy loneliness- Old Manecka
  • 1995He was once a cop- old lady
  • 1996Jakub and Larch
  • 1997Wonderful years under the dog- Grandma Liba
  • 1998All my loved ones- Old Silberstein
  • 2002Angel's face- mother Superior
  • 2005Participants of a trip- Sharlota
  • 2006Panic is nanic- Your grandmother
  • 2009Memorial- Viola Vavrova
  • 2011Gorilla
  • 2012Life is a ball(TV Series) - Lisa Lupacova
  • 2012Poinsettia
  • 2012Gympl with (r) learning limited(TV Series) Babi Chmelíková
  • 2012Definition of love
  • 2014Mrs.(TV Series)

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